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I love teaching the Portrait Lighting Class at Cache Valley Center for the Arts! This class is seriously one of my favorite parts of my business. If you're looking to create seriously stunning and well let images then this is the class for you! I honestly believe this class is the BEST way in to learn about lighting in Logan. Whether you're a natural light shooter or prefer artificial light, this class will definitely improve your photography. Understanding how to control light will help you understand how to shoot better images. Photography is all about the light in your image. Learn to control it and shape it and you're on your way to creating fantastic images! 

To register for the class go to: http://www.cachearts.org/photography/ and click the purple Register Here button! 

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There are limited spots available and class starts January 15th and runs for 8 weeks (until March 5th). Class is held every Thursday night at 6:30pm at the Thatcher-Young Mansion in Logan. This class is for photographers of all ages and skill levels.

A brief class outline can be found HERE

Requirements for the class: 
  • Any Camera that has Manual Mode
  • A basic understanding of manual mode
  • That's it! We'll teach you all you need to know! No gear require, you'll be able to learn and experience off camera lighting with the equipment in class! 

If you have any questions, comment below or feel free to contact me through my website at: www.endless.photography

I hope to see you there! 

Reviews from previous students: 

"The lighting class taught by Mike Johnson through the CVCA is an amazing class.  Mike teaches everything from getting the flash off the camera to color gels, modifiers, and different light set ups.  He always had a willing and capable model for the class, he covers the inverse square law and qualities of light.  If you're ready to take the next step with off camera flash, this is an excellent class." -John Hart-

"I really enjoyed the lighting class.  Mike was very professional and had professional models each week to practice shooting.  He was always coming up with new and fresh ideas for different lighting techniques which really helped me to think outside of the box.  I would highly recommend the class!" -Kaylin Thompson-

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