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One of the biggest aspects of my job is commercial head shots and portraits. I have a client in my studio or on location every week looking for a clean, eye catching head shot. For me, headshots are all about the lighting. You need to light your subject in the most flattering way, to highlight their good features and minimize the bad. Below is a headshot I took today for a client and explanation of the lighting set up.  

Endless Photography

Here below is a basic diagram of the lighting set up used for this shot: 

Endless Photography
So here is the set up. I had one AB1600 on full power with a blue gel firing through a staircase creating the blue lined pattern on the wall in the background. I had my subject seated on a chair and a beauty dish directly over her head. The dish was mounted to a AB800 on 1/4th power and pulled in real close. For a light fill I added a 42in reflector sitting on her lap to open up the shadows on her neck and cheeks just a little bit. 

Post processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or post in the comments section! 


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