Cameron Headshots | Logan Utah Photographer

Cameron and I grew up together, we've know each other since 2nd grade and somehow he's put up with me all this time. There's a chance Cameron knows me better than my wife still (and we've been married 3 years). Either way, this dude is a rock star. He's the nicest person I know, he'll go out of his way for you to do anything you need. He's always smiling and always got nice things to say about everyone he knows. Cameron just graduated from Utah State University and started working in Brigham City as a counselor for young boys who are trying to straighten up their lives. Today he came in for a headshot, and spent some time making fun of me because he was my roommate when I bought my first camera. We had a great time getting some new images for his resume and social media accounts. Check out a few of my favorites below: 

Until next time, 
Mike Johnson

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