4 Outfit Tips for your Photoshoot

What to Wear to a Photoshoot?

I get asked all the time "What should we wear to our photoshoot?!". It definitely gets ask at least twice a week, and while I'm not fashionista, I have shot hundreds of portraits and have a few ideas that might help point you in the right direction for what to wear to your shoot. Hopefully after a quick read you can find a few things in your closet that you're confident will help you nail your images. My job is all about making you look your best, but a few smart outfit choices can really help us get some killer shots. 

#1: Colors 

Color plays a huge role on our mood and how we feel about an image. Marketers and big companies get this, if you look at advertisements and what colors they use and how that relates to the image the company is selling and you'll notice a lot of themes with color. Heck, there is a whole psychology to color (see!), and we could spend a ton of time on it, but I have a few quick tips on color choices for you: 
  • Choose a color palette or two, and have your family dress around that. Say blue or grey for example. This is great because then everyone can wear something they love that still works well with what others are wearing. Some easy options are blue, grey, green, purple, etc. 
  • Avoid really bright, neon colors. These colors will create a color cast on your skin, that really isn't the most flattering. Nobody wants a bright green chin. 
  • Spruce it up with an accent color or pop of something bold. While it's best to stick to something easy on the eyes and muted, throwing in a pop of color can really add some kick to your images. 

#2 Styling

Styling could be a whole book on it's own, and honestly you probably have your own unique style and I don't want to change that at all. Be you and wear what expresses you. There are a few quick tips on style choices that can help save you a headache with your images. 
  • Avoid really fine patterns. Camera's hate really fine patterns. They just do. If you want more on this, just ask. But digital camera's hate super tight/fine patterns. 
  • Layers. Layers look good on everyone. Have you ever noticed in movies, how everyone wears a jacket all the time. Even in Hawaii. That's because layers are generally really flattering and a well fitted jacket just works. 
  • Sleeves and tanks tops. If you're concerned about your weight, avoid sleeveless shirts and strapless wedding dresses. 
  • Be YOU. Wear your style still! Your portraits are all about you (or your family) and I want to see that. If you love something, bring it and let's shoot it. 
  • Don't be all Matchy McMatchFace. If you're getting family portraits, don't all wear black shirts and jeans. Trust me. Just don't. Most of the time having everyone matching doesn't look great.

#3 Options

Bring options to your shoot. Sometimes one or two of the items you may want to wear might not work great. They might be fitting wrong that day (ugh, those days, we all have them), or it might not jive with the location we've selected or we might just have some extra time and want to shoot a few things. Generally I recommend you bring 3-5 outfits for an individual or couples shoot and 2-3 for a family shoot. That gives us some options to work with and it'll give you options in your final images as well. Options are always good. 

#4 Be YOU!

I mentioned this before. The most important thing to wear is things you love and feel awesome in! If you love your graphic tee's or loud leggings, then wear them. If you love that dress or those shoes, bring them. Confidence shows in your images, so wear what you feel your best in and it'll be prefect. 

If you ever have any questions, definitely ask away and I'm always happy to help! If you want a quick Do's and Don't list for wardrobe, check my list HERE

Mike Johnson 

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