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Samsung S7 Photoshoot:

As a full time professional photographer and educator, I get asked all the time about my equipment and what I use. A lot of time during my classes my students joke about how they need more gear or need to win the lottery. I don't think this is true. While yes, quality gear makes my job as a photographer so much easier, the truth is that knowing how to light, pose, shoot and edit an image is extremely more important. To make my point, and as an exercise to push my own skill set, I decided to do a shoot with my smart phone. I found a great friend of mine Christie Berube, who also happens to be a professional photographer and a model, and decided to shoot some images on my phone (yes, really). So below there are a bunch of images, some shot on my phone, some shot on my professional equipment. To me the take away lessons from this are this are a couple things. 

The Take Away's: 

1) To my fellow photographers: Don't get caught up in buying the fanciest gear. Yes, your right, the really nice gear down make your job so much easier. But if you can't afford to get it right now, don't let it stop you from pushing yourself and creating great images with what you have. The gear matters a lot less than you think it does. Really.

2) To my clients/non photographers: When you're shopping for a photographer, don't get caught up on what they shoot with, heck, don't even both asking what/how they shoot. All that really matters in the end result. Find a photographer that can consistently create great images and has a STYLE that you love. What/how they get those images is really pretty irrelevant. 

Technical Specs on the Shoot:

For those photographers that want know what I shot these images on, because you know. Gear. I shot the smart phone images on the Samsung Galaxy S7. I shot the non smartphone images on my Canon 5Diii and either the Sigma 35 f1.4 or the Canon 85 f1.2. Lighting for all the images was either a $25 Neewer CN-160 video light, natural light or a large silver/white reflector.  All the images were retouched in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC. 

The Images: 

These images are mixed up, if you want to know which images where shot on my phone and which were shot on my DSLR, feel free to comment below with your guesses and I'll let you know if you're right! 

 The Behind the Scenes Images: 

If you want to see what had set up, you can see some behind the scene images taken by my friend Sheree Allen here. 

Until next time,
Mike Johnson 

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