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Introduction To Portrait Lighting

Photography is light. That's all it is. Learning to see, capture and control light and share that with others. Learning to control lighting in portraits is the number one most important thing you can do to improve your portraits. Whether you're a natural light shooter, a beginner or love using lighting, learning more about light and how to see and control the way it interacts with your subject will take your photos to the next level! 

I teach an 8 week, portrait lighting class. We focus solely on how to use off camera lighting to choose the best way to light your subject. If this is something that interests you, there are a few spots still available! We'll  cover everything for getting your camera and flash working together, lighting outdoors, studio lighting, groups and weddings and breaking down images to understand and recreate the lighting setup.

Class starts January 15th at 6:30 and it only cost $98 for all 8 weeks! Click here to see a weekly itinerary and how to register

Here is what some of my previous students have said about this class: 

"I really enjoyed the lighting class. Mike was very professional and had professional models each week to practice shooting. He was always coming up with new and fresh ideas for different lighting techniques which really helped me to think outside of the box. I would highly recommend the class!" -Kaylin Thompson- "The lighting class taught by Mike Johnson through the CVCA is an amazing class. Mike teaches everything from getting the flash off the camera to color gels, modifiers, and different light set ups. He always had a willing and capable model for the class, he covers the inverse square law and qualities of light. If your ready to take the next step with off camera flash, this is an excellent class." -John Hart- 

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