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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented people! This shoot is dedicated to their incredible talent, without them I would have pictures of sand (not nearly as cool!). 

The dresses in these images were designed by Natalie Workman of Natalie Wynn Design. You need to go check out her work, she is wonderful! She is one of the producers of Provo Fashion Week in Provo, UT. And is one of the nicest people I have ever had on my set! I'm so glad to have been able to work with her! 

The talent we had on set was Corrie Anna Thomas, an amazing model out of Salt Lake City, UT. I've worked with a lot of models in my years as a photographer, and Corrie gets the shout out as the one that is able to string poses together like nobody's business! For over two hours she had made great images while I tried to keep up! That girl knows her angles and what works, if you need a model, give her a call! 

I also have to thank my good friend Tawny Lowther of T-Photography in Logan, UT. She kept me company on the way down, helped with the lighting on location and kept me awake on the way home till 1am. 

Anyway, thanks to those who made this work! Here are some of my favorite images from that day.

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  1. Beautiful photos... my great-niece's name is CORRI, not Corrie :-)