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I love portraits, that's what I do and I will tell anyone that asks that I'm rubbish at just about anything else involving my camera, BUT I do still love to play around and try new ideas out! Tonight at the fireworks I decided to take a spin on old photography trick, instead of just taking a plain on picture of the fireworks. A common photography trick is to zoom in and out while shooting a long exposure, but I would spin my camera in and out of focus while the fireworks were bursting. It took a bit of time to figure the timing out and see what speed of focusing looked better, but after a while I was pretty happy with some of the images! I think it gives the images a fun and unique look and makes the fireworks look more bold and colorful. Take a look below: 

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As always, thanks for stopping by!
Mike Johnson 

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  1. I love this technique Mike these fireworks look awesome!

  2. Thanks Mandy! It was fun to try out!

  3. Great idea Mike. By the way, you helped a friend of mine buy a Sony camera for her trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro perhaps 6 weeks ago. She said you were the best salesperson she'd had--ever! Been meaning to catch up with you at a meeting, but we haven't crossed paths. Wayne