Jason Bourne Backpack

by - 10:52 PM

I went out and bought a backpack a while back, one that looks just like a backpack, it even has regular pockets and pouches and zippers like a backpack. The important part is this backpack LOOKS just like a normal ol' backpack... but it's not. It's a camera bag. If you turn this backpack over you'll see that it a has this top secret little compartment for my camera. It's a camera bag. Yep, every single day, almost every where I go, I pack my DSLR around. I've gotten very very good at hiding it so it doesn't look like I have it. Bags, coats, my girlfriend's purses (haha), they all are have had my camera hidden in them. Some friends have asked why I go to such efforts to hid my camera? Well because I don't wanna look like a photo-nerd! (Na, really I'm just paranoid and if my camera got stolen my life would practically be over.) 

Others ask why I actually bother to carry my DSLR everywhere. 
The answer?

Because you never know when your walk to class in the morning will look COMPLETELY different and possibly photo-worthy. I'm not saying this picture is amazing. Do I like it? yes. I'll bet very few of you could guess this is 12th East right by Aggie Ice Cream. Which brings me to this:

Tip of the Day: Carry your camera everywhere. I know, sound absurd right? Honestly, 99 percent of the time it hangs out in my secret compartment Jason Bourne spy backpack. But some days, well, I'm just glad I have it's there because I look up from my walking or driving and say "gee, that's pretty"... or eerie, whichever the case may be. 

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