Simplify and Focus

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Well Blogs sure are an interesting thing. I seem to be very bad and making them, and yet very good and reading tons of other blogs. Usually I read blogs because I find them inspiring, or the are very informative (and they always are related to photography). I do seem to learn a lot from blogs I follow. Anyway, I've decided I am going to start blogging daily (yes, I know ambitious huh?). I feel like I've been given a lot from the social media savvy photographers out there and it's my time to give back as little or as much as I can. So I'm going to post a picture a day, for... ever? I'm not setting a time limit on this project, but I hope it continues for a long time. The picture may not have been taken that day, or even that week. But each day I will post a picture and an explanation/story/technical/feeling/anything I feel best describes that image. Shall we begin the journey?

We'll go back a few weeks for my first image. This is one shoot I really enjoyed the outcome of. B was such a blast to shoot with! (Has anyone else notice how photographers will always post portraits and then list the persons name as only the first letter of their name? I just did it, yep, first time ever. Sorry B.) Anyway, I really like this image because for me it has been an image I've gone back to over and over again to look at, it inspires me.

Lately I've been having this issue of trying to use more gear. I (subconsciously) feel that if I walk up to a client with bags of gear hanging off me, that they will take me more seriously- hey, maybe they do. Also, I've watched the greats like Joe McNally and Scott Kelby and they use 4 flashes, 2 cameras, tethered shooting and 2 assistants to make great images. Being a intermediate beginner, I suddenly think I can use loads of gear all at once and produce the same quality. But on this day my thought process went something like this.

"It's cold. Nope, don't wanna set up a second light stand, make it work."

So I went with ONE light. I don't do that much anymore, and I really should. I simplified because the conditions told me to, and boy, I should simplify more often. I recently watch a video on simplifying and it was awesome. If you think it's weird, watch it again, you probably will find it less so and get more out of it. But it's got a great message to it, so stop reading and learn from a pro for 5 minutes.

Ok, noq back to me. Anyway! I love this image, I really am proud of it. B was great to work with, she was real patient and even laid in the snow for another awesome image. But what I learned is to simplify. Slow down and keep it easy. Life or photography, it applies.

Well, join me on my journey of photography and life (and hopefully I'll become a better writer along the way as well!)

Mike Johnson

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