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Hey Photographers! It's time for another round of our Studio & Location Lighting Workshop! This is my favorite workshop I've ever taught and it's time for another one! If you're interested in signing up for the class contact me today and we'll get you in the list. This workshop is limited to 10 photographers so that you'll get ample time to shoot and get one-on-one instruction. We'll have multiple models throughout the day, including an engagement section. 

What will be doing? 

9am: Understanding How Light Works & Getting Your Flash Off Camera
10am: Modifiers: What & Why?  
11am: Break for Lunch
12pm: Where do I put my Light?! 
1pm: Lighting Individuals & Couples
3pm: Lighting Groups & Events
4pm: Working with Ambient

What will you learn? 
-Understanding Light-
-Getting your flash off your camera-
-Different Lighting Modifiers-
-One and Two Light Set Ups-
-Balance Flash to Ambient Light-

If you're interested or have questions feel free to contact me, if you want to sign up, follow this link to do so! 

Mike Johnson

*payment due at time of booking

*payment includes one person

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