Party Crashers | Logan Utah Event Photographer

by - 3:09 PM

I spend a lot of time on the computer! A lot! Between editing, blogging, emails, education, and social media I am on here way to much! Last night I was editing a couple shoots I had this week, and I just about went crazy! I was sitting there and just couldn't do it anymore, I had to get out! So, I grabbed my camera and walked out the door (to make more pictures, that will need more editing... I never catch up!)... Anyway, I ended up at Summerfest in downtown Logan, because there's not much to do in Logan after sunset. When I got there they had an amazing group on stage (Party Crashers), these guys were killer! I was there about two hours and they were non-stop music and fun. I had a blast running around the stage shooting images of them doing what they love... I love people that follow their dreams! Here's a few of my favorites from last night: 

Tonight is the last night of Summerfest, and you know where I'll be after I'm done for the evening! 

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