Eric & Nichelle's Engagements || {Logan Utah Portrait Photography}

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Eric is a great friend of mine (actually, he's my second cousin!), but we've been great friends since, whew, I dunno, forever. But after our missions we both came up to Utah State and I spent a few months the summer before I got married rooming with him and some of our other high school buddies, and we had a great time. He is seriously one of the most adventurous and fun guys I know, and guess what!? He's getting married! In like a month! Anyway, I had a blast shooting his engagements with his gorgeous fiance, Nichelle, who, I have learned is a famous blogger! Heck, I follow her blog, and you should too! Anyway, they are a great couple, and we had so much fun taking pictures, shaking blossoms off tree's and watching Eric fly down the path like a ninja! But, on the to picture!

I told you! Ninja!

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I'll blog more in the future, I'm really bad at it! (Hey Nichelle, wanna give me blogging advice?!)... If you haven't seen my website, jump over here and check it out! And if you're interested in getting your own images done, hit the contact tab on my website! 

Mike Johnson

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