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What do you love about your life? Take a moment, and think on that.... I think asking ourselves what we love, and what we're grateful for are important questions. Too often in America we compare ourselves to others, we complain and we let ourselves down. Life is full of adventures, good times and moments of beauty. I try to remember as often as I can the things I love in my life, in this moment. One of my favorite aspects of my job, is the ability it grants me to walk into someone else's life for a moment, see the good, help them highlight the best and to learn from them. From wedding days that are full of happiness and love, to corporate interviews that highlight the best in a business, person or product.

My mother grew up on a farm in Utah, she was the youngest of nine children, and by the time I came around my grandparents were starting to wind down the farming, and only had a hundred acres or so, beef cattle and a few fields. I always loved her stories of the chicken coops, the horse rides and the farm work with her family. Since I was young farm life has always interested and deeply appealed to me. Recently I had the chance to fly to Eastern Washington and work with the wonderful family at Whitby Farms. They asked me to come to their farm, live with them for a few days, and help tell their story through video. After 3 days with them, I dream of life on a farm even more. The heat of the sun in the afternoon, the breeze while we were shooting in the cherry orchards, filming them feeding calfs at sunrise. There's something that just feels right on the farm, that calls to your soul. Farming is unique, it's special and I wish every person could get the chance to see where their food comes from, where the literal lifeblood of America begins. If you ever get the chance to spend time on a family farm, take that chance and cherish those moments.

Thank you to the wonderful family at Whitby Farms for trusting me to tell your story, for being so kind to me while I was there and for being genuinely good people who make this world a better place.

Mike Johnson

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