Redwoods/Oregon Coast | Logan Utah Photographer

I took 9 days off this past week with my wife and we ran away. I somehow talked her into driving 14 hours in one day out to Redwood National Park and spending a few days there before driving up the coast and then home. As much as I love my job, this morning has been rough playing catch up after being away for a week and a half. Of course I took my camera and pretended I was Ansel Adams or something during the trip (and Jessie was so kind and let me take way too many pictures). Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip, as well as a few awful selfies and such from my phone. 

But I'm back now, and I'll be posting pretty portraits again soon! 

If you ask Jessie, I have a small obsession with the clovers that literally covered the forest floor.

The rest of these images below are just snap shots off my phone, because my mom says she wants to see pictures of us :)

Until next time, 
Mike Johnson

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