Crane Wedding Preview | Utah Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness! It's been like a month since I blogged! What have I been doing?! I'm seriously sorry, but it's time to get back in the habit. Britt and Camille are have been dating for years and finally tied the knot tonight. Camille is a hair stylist in Logan and Britt work at a local jewelry store helping other couples find the perfect ring. They are made for each other. Their wedding was perfect! Camille and her family did all the decorating by themselves and the set up was gorgeous, seriously, just perfect. Enough talking, here's some previews for tonight! Be sure to come back for more later! 

Hair/Makeup by: Carrie Purser 

Venue: Logan River Golf Course 
Photographer: Mike Johnson 

Mike Johnson
71 W Center, Logan 

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