Night Portraits in the Rain {Logan Utah Portrait Photographer}

by - 7:34 PM

I was sitting inside all day today being depressed that the gorgeous spring weather we've been having was gone and it was raining. Seriously, I've had enough of overcast skies and rain and snow! I want summer, green grass and golden sunsets to shoot pretty pictures in! But I looked out the window and saw the streets all glimmering and shiney and ya know, I thought it was really pretty. And I wanted to take some pictures. Luckily I have great friends like Ashlee who will, at a moments notice, come out and shoot with me in the cold rain. I really had a blast spending an hour making portraits with her on the side of a busy road. It really was a gorgeous night. 

While we were shooting this nice man came and handed Ashlee her umbrella back (it was sitting on the sidewalk)... and then he almost kissed her... Gotta love strangers on the street! 

Mandy was kind enough to come along tonight and shoot with Ashlee and I. I always LOVE shooting with Mandy, she is an absolute blast to hang out with and an extremely talented photographer! If you haven't check out her page before you should jump over and give it some love HERE , and if you need a photographer that is AMAZING with kids, look no further. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! If you or someone you know needs a photographer, jump over to my website at WWW.ENDLESS.PHOTOGRAPHY and shoot me an email. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to create images like this, I teach classes and one on one mentoring, and I'd love to hear your questions and comments!  

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  1. I'd love the images here, especially the top one, and would love to hear more about how you created it, off camera flash? etc? - Cathy from Jax, FL