Ice Castles {Utah Portrait Photographer}

by - 6:50 PM

I'm so bad at blogging! I get so behind sometimes! I have been so busy and there are some incredible things coming this year for Endless Photography, and some of them are already happening! I had to take a moment tonight though and share some images I made with the Utah Night Owls Photo Shoot's Club  a few weeks back. Some good friend of mine and I drove down to Midway Utah to see these incredible Ice Castles! Seriously they are awesome! They are built of pure ice, no internal supports, and grow to over 40 feet tall! The owners of the Ice Castles were kind enough to let our group of photographers come pack into their castles for a night and capture some amazing images. I met some great photographers and had a chance to spend some time shooting with some date night couples wandering through. If you get a chance, I'd highly recommend you check out the Ice Castles before they melt for the year!

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