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Once again I had the fantastic opportunity to organize another meeting for the Cache Valley PAC group! I seriously love spending every Wednesday evening with that crew! If you live in the Northern Utah area and want to improve your photographer and learn of some amazing photographer while having a great time with friends, contact me about how to come join our club. We had some seriously fun times tonight (as we always do!). For the month of November we are working on some food photography techniques and how to light food well. Tonight we just met up for a bit of yummy food, photography talk and of course to take some pictures! We had some amazing homemade treats brought in my club members, as well as some delicious cake from Lee's Marketplace! Before we dug into everything I set up a few different light setups and gave a few small pointers and then we just spent time swapping techniques and stories. As always, we had fun! Here are a few of the images I was able to snap tonight!

 For the record, Lee's Marketplace makes a MEAN Oreo Cake! Yum!

 These delicious homemade granola thingy bars were made by Scot Weaver, but I suspect that his wife may have helped a little ;) they were a little TOO yummy!

 Another shot of Scot's delicious bars, I just love the way the texture came out in them!

 John Hart was even cool enough to get Lee's to put "PAC" on our cake! #PACRules! 

 A above shot of Scot's Bars, Sonja's M&M's and Bob's yummy apple bite things (I don't know my proper food terms, all I know is photography).

 After watching me try to look through my camera over the food, Sonja and Scot decide to show off how their cool camera's have flippy out screens... yeah... well... mine is bigger :P

 A little behind the scene's action of Sonja doing her mad skills!

 Scot and Sonja practice some back lighting on their food photography.

 Cody is just too cool to take pictures, she's rather stand over there and talk with the popular girls! ;) 

 I tried to eat an M&M but apparently Sonja had arranged them so you could see the 'M&M' on them...  

 I was lame and brought fruit... who want's pictures of healthy food when there is cake around?... back to the cake! 

 See... cake :)

 ... and cookies...

Thanks again for popping by! If it's your first time, pop over to my Facebook page to follow me and see more of my work on my website here

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