Ah, I can't think of a title, just read it!

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Finals time has started to roll around at USU, so we decided to go and distract all the USU students studying in the library. We really did try to be as quite as possible, but sometimes you can't help but laugh or bang a light stand into something. Anyway, Paige and I had a great time shooting and her friend was so great to come and help out! I love the shots we got today!

 By far the favorite shot of the night! Love this one!

On these two I cannot decide which I like better, the color or the black and white!

And for all my photographer friends out there, this last photo is why you have the model/subject bring a friend if possible. Laughing at a photoshoot is always the best way to have fun! 

Thanks again to Paige for such a fun shoot! I hope all the USU students didn't mind too much! 

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